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Cassidy Lovallo, LCPC, NCC

About Me

At this time, Cassidy is accepting clients on a waitlist only.

I help adults who are going through major life transitions or increased life stressors live efficient and authentic lives. Trained in full fidelity DBT, I use evidenced based strategies to assist clients in becoming more emotionally regulated, tolerate distress, increase self esteem and navigate interpersonal relationships and conflicts in order to be more present in their daily lives and be their best selves. Clients will gain the ability to accept themselves and that which is out of their control while also developing the tools to challenge unhelpful current thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in order to reach their personal goals.

I use a combination of teaching direct coping skills to clients as well as provide a space for a client to feel validated, accepted, seen, heard, and understood. I work with each client to create a specific counseling plan that allows a client to feel accepted for who they are while also feeling motivated to change. It is my hope that every individual lives an authentic, happy, and meaningful life. I have been personally affected by mental health concerns, intergenerational trauma, and the discomfort of emotional dysregulation. I love to use creativity, humor, and empathy with my clients in order to create a judgment free space where they feel safe to be themselves and navigate their problems.

Clinical Experience
I am a LCPC with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from GWU. I am DBT Certified by CBC, a published researcher, and presenter, with experience in analyzing social bias in education settings, and the impact of religion in communities. Recently I have been trained in the foundations of deprogramming those affected by mind control, high authority/high control groups and/or cults through Dr. Steven Hassan and the Freedom of Mind Foundation. I am currently a supervisor to maryland student therapists and will be licensed to supervise Maryland LGPCSs in the near future.

During my time in graduate school, I worked in the homes and communities in the DC/Maryland area for 3 years supporting neurodiverse children and their families. Starting my career in private practice, I have gained experience working with children and their families who have received a neurodiversity diagnosis, as well as families with highly sensitive children. Currently I treat adults who are experiencing significant change (college, moving, death in family, spiritual changes/abuse etc) or high stress work/home environments using dbt informed skills.

What do I do when I’m not counseling?
I love spending my time at home with my diabetic dog, Harvey, curled up on the couch watching Bravo or reading a thriller and iced coffee. Movement is a huge part of my own emotion regulation and self care routine and something I often advocate to my clients. I love to be creative an have recently learned how to crochet as a coping skill. I’m a forever learner and love to listen to video essays and podcasts, especially if they can make me laugh!

Interested in working with Cassidy?

Fill out our form or contact our office  to get matched. A clinical supervisor will provide a free consultation to assess your needs.

If you're experiencing an emergency please contact 911 or go to your nearest hospital. If you're experiencing a mental health crisis contact 988.  


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