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Shiyu Tang, LGPC

About Me




"Your mess is your message." This profound insight, shared by a wise friend, drives my work as a therapist, advocate, and researcher to empower adolescents, youths, and adults through their unique journeys of healing and growth. So, I always ask, what is your story? For I believe that every person’s life is a unique narrative that is valuable and worthy of being explored, honored, and witnessed. Within the nurturing therapeutic space, your personal challenges hold the key to transformation. Your story, with all its tears, despair, pain, fear, strength, and hope, becomes the foundation of our work together.

I get how hard it can be to open up about the innermost thoughts and feelings in therapy. For this reason, my priority is to provide a safe, nonjudgmental, and affirming space in which you can show up as your full, authentic self and connect with your inner voice, ultimately finding within yourself the courage and resilience to embrace your demons in life. My approach is grounded in Narrative Therapy, a collaborative and empowering approach that centers you as the experts in your own life.


By weaving in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, and Existentialism, I will work with you to reauthor the dominant stories that may shape the feelings of hopelessness and isolation, anxiety, depression, low self-worth,  perfectionism, career concerns, existential crisis, or trauma. But my approach doesn't stop here. For I know that so much of our human experience cannot be captured fully by words alone. And so, I also invite you to pick up a brush, colored pencil, music, or journal as a means of tapping into your deep-seated self-beliefs, unearthing new strengths to face life’s ebbs and

So, what is your story? I invite you to come and share it with me. I’ll follow your lead, and
together, we discover the paths to healing and self-discovery that will leave you feeling more
connected to your own inner world, more alive, and more vibrant.

About Shiyu (SHEyou)
I'm Shiyu Tang, a therapist under Desiree Ducharme's supervision, pursuing my Ph.D. in
Counselor Education and Supervision at George Washington University. I hold a Masters in
Clinical Psychology from Columbia University and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology &
Economics from the University of Washington. As a multilingual therapist of Asian heritage, I
speak English, Mandarin, and have limited proficiency in Cantonese. I'm here to support diverse
clients in exploring their cultural roots. Let's shape your story together – one that turns “mess”
into a powerful “message”.

Shiyu is currently NOT accepting new clients.

Interested in working with Shiyu?

Fill out our form or contact our office  to get matched. A clinical supervisor will provide a free consultation to assess your needs.

If you're experiencing an emergency please contact 911 or go to your nearest hospital. If you're experiencing a mental health crisis contact 988. 


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