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Our Trusted Community Partners

Welcome to New Hope Counseling Group's (NHCG) new Referral Partners page, where we proudly introduce our esteemed referral and community partners. These organizations have been carefully selected because they align closely with New Hope Counseling Group's values and share a common mission – a dedication to serving their communities and bridging gaps in mental healthcare access and treatment.


At NHCG, we believe in the power of collaboration and the collective impact that can be achieved when like-minded organizations come together. Our referral partners have demonstrated a commitment to fostering mental well-being and providing support to those in need.


Explore our Referral Partners page to learn more about these valuable collaborations and how, together, we strive to create a stronger, more inclusive mental healthcare landscape for everyone.

Compass Health Center


Clinicians at Compass Health are experts in treating children, adolescents, young adults, and adults with mood and anxiety symptoms that are impacting their daily functioning.

Compass's clinicians use evidence-based therapies including CBT, DBT, ACT, and ERP, proven to be the gold standard for the treatment of these conditions. Through an in-depth team-based approach to care, the clinical team will determine the best possible treatment path for you.

Maryland Residents Only

Astir Oath Neurodiagnostics


A nationwide service, Astir Oath Neurodiagnostics (AON) is a cutting-edge company that provides the highest quality Neurodiagnostic Testing solutions to Hospitals, Veteran Administrations, Private Practicing Physicians, and their patients in the comfort and convenience of their homes and testing facilities.

Available for Maryland, DC, and VA residents by referral

Embark Behavioral Health


Embark Behavioral Health is a leading nationwide network of outpatient centers and residential programs offering residential and outpatient mental health treatment for preteens, teens, and young adults.

Embark uses the evidenced based "CASA Developmental Framework" to inform all treatment and care. This  framework’s purpose is to help developmentally heal and strengthen functional, mental, and physical health through commitment, acceptance, security, and attunement (also known as empathy in action).

A Village Wellness Center


Based in Silver Spring, MD, AVWC is a community-based wellness center that provides IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) and PRP (Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program) services. 

As a collaborative community partner, accredited by The Joint Commission, AVWC provides a safe space for individuals to seek comprehensive and compassionate care.

Maryland Residents Only, PRR Requires Referral

Rebecca Bitzer & Associates


Based in Annapolis, MD, Rebecca Bitzer and Associates is comprised of a dedicated team of registered dietitians that provide a variety of in person and online services for Maryland Residents.

The Registered Dietitians in this practice work with their clients as a team to make sure whatever plan you develop together fits your lifestyle and goals (weight management, diet change due to health conditions, and eating disorder recovery treatment).

Playful Therapy Connections


Based in Fredrick, MD, PTC  specializes in supporting neurodivergent children, teens, adults & families with a focus on anxiety, depression, & navigating a neurotypical-world while being Autistic and/or an ADHD’r as well as related parenting support.

With interventions including play therapy, virtual support groups, and other digital therapy tools, Playful Therapy Connections can bring our virtual counseling services directly into your home.

Available to Maryland and D.C Residents

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