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 Georgia Gray, Student Therapist

About Me

Georgia is currently accepting new clients.

Welcome! I'm a dedicated clinical mental health counseling student, eager to support individuals on their unique paths of self-discovery and healing. While still growing and developing new styles, I draw from an Attachment-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (AB-CBT) theory. With a warm and empathetic approach, I firmly believe in the power of a strong therapeutic alliance to foster growth and healing.


My ideal client is someone who seeks a compassionate space to explore their emotional challenges and life transitions. They may grapple with anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, or unresolved trauma. My goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where they can find understanding, growth, and renewed hope.


Drawing from my training in AB-CBT and other modalities, I specialize in understanding the impact of early relationships on current emotional patterns. I offer evidence-based interventions to promote self-awareness, self-compassion, and improved relationships. My goal is to empower clients to transform their lives positively.


I understand that reaching out for counseling support can feel daunting. Please know that I am here to listen, without judgment, and to walk alongside you on your journey. You deserve to live a fulfilling life, and together, we can explore and navigate the challenges that come your way. Take that first step towards positive change and healing. Together, we can unlock your potential for resilience and lead you toward a more fulfilling and balanced life. Let's embark on this transformative path together!

Interested in working with Georgia?

Fill out our form or contact our office  to get matched. A clinical supervisor will provide a free consultation to assess your needs.

If you're experiencing an emergency please contact 911 or go to your nearest hospital. If you're experiencing a mental health crisis contact 988. 


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